As industry consolidation, customized customer services as well as regulatory compliance are adding  complexity and  changes to traditional banking process, they have provided opportunities for the innovative player to get a head start on the competition.  And  the pressure to make faster and  smarter business decisions means that banks must partner with technology providers  that  provide greater growth and profitability opportunities to stay ahead of competition.

eTranzact with her innovative financial services, products and solutions, provides all of the functionality necessary for banks to address their key areas of concern and achieve greater profitability and helps organizations make smarter, more informed decisions to increase and maintain the competitive advantage. Also in line with industry standard and regulation, the eTranzact platform has been upgraded to meet the various requirements for processing of transactions from a Chip and Pin card.


Leading banks across the African continent have partnered with eTranzact for innovative e-payment services and solutions, and the list is growing everyday.


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